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Kart racers today take for granted the Maxxis tire they race with. Maxxis has a long history in karting that many do not know. GoldspeedUSA is the sole importer of the Maxxis tires and dating back to the 1980's were marketed as one of the original synthetic rubber tires available to karters.

The person responsible for establishing the tires from the 80's on was a karter named Mr. Hester. For years he marketed the tires as a very affordable alternative to the name brand tires used back then.

Brands such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop were natural rubber tires that Mr. Hester competed against while trying to get the new Maxxis tire into racers hands.

In the late 90's Mr. Hester managed to get the World Karting Association to make the Maxxis tire a "spec tire" in many of their classes and karting divisions.

Maxxis hasn't looked back since. Racers quickly found that the tire was a consistent performer, easy to "stagger" for their needs and could be specially "cut" for different track conditions and racer needs. In an effort to save racers money on cutting fees, Mr. Hester and Maxxis introduced a thin rubber tire intended to not need to be cut.

Today the tires are used almost exclusively by karters running dirt. The Maxxis tire folks do much each year to support their racers as well with promotions such as special race series, money race's and other forms of events just for those karters who race with Maxxis tires.

There are many compounds now available from Maxxes, HG3, HG1, HG2, HG4, HG5 and many others, all carefully designed to fit racers needs.


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